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Import From China - The Power of the Internet

It is amazing just how small our World is now. Not so many years ago foreign goods would arrive at the docks after spending weeks at sea from China and the Far East. Nowadays, in Britain items can sometimes arrive at your door from China faster than letters posted at home.

In years gone by product from China was usually viewed with suspicion as to its fitness for purpose. Today the opposite is the case with Chinese imports being usually of high quality. Couple this with the fast turn-around, it can be quicker sometimes and more convenient to order a product from China via the Internet than it is to go into the local town and find the equivalent item.

With prices from China typically cheaper than those available in the UK, or other parts of the World, it is not surprising that the option of buying goods imported from China and ordered online might be more popular.

Once you've started your business in importing products from China, you need to explore your options on how to source it. Twenty years ago, in sourcing your products, you have no choice but to rely on the trade publications for information about manufacturers and suppliers. Today, there are several resources that can help you to find the information that you need to source your products.

There are many online directories that you can tap like the, these sites can provide you details on thousands of suppliers from china and the thousands of products from these suppliers. There are many products categories that you can choose from like finished goods, electronic gadgets, patio furniture, motorcycles, as well s unfinished goods like car speakers or capacitators.

When you use the online directory, remember to check and verify the steps that the directory owner is taking to ensure that the suppliers are legitimate companies and real. On, the suppliers that are listed on their sites have been visited at least thrice by their own personnel to ensure that the companies are real and not some fly-by-night operators.

Aside from these online directories, you can also meet suppliers from trade shows. This provides you the opportunity to meet suppliers face to face as well as see their products yourself. There are Chinese participants in U.S. and European Trade shows, though only few in number. Trade shows in Hong Kong and mainland China have greater exhibitors, so you might want to invest in that.

There is a fair that is held in Hong Kong every April and October, called the China Sourcing Fairs. These fairs include Electronic Shows with over 2,200 booths of suppliers, Gift and Home shows with over 2,200 booths of suppliers, as well as Fashion and Accessories and an Underwear & Swimwear Show as well. And it is also a treat travelling in Honk Kong, it is easy since English is widely spoken there, it would be business and pleasure at the same time.

When you are new to the business, start slow, go online to find that suppliers you need, and when you do, place a small order, go through your suppliers process, ensuring quality of the products, deal with the logistics involve, have the product shipped to your warehouse. Make your first order an opportunity to learn the process and the ropes of import / export business. And when you have your revenue expanded, then you can visit all the fares that you want to further more your business in importing from China.