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Tech Startups: Where To Start & What's The Law

Tech startups are a term applied to new business that have blossomed in recent years with the advent of technology. With the tech revolution, business has been transferred out of the hands of industrialist and factories, to the little guy with a good idea. Smart phones and personal computers have cleared the way for people to create businesses with little startup capital, with some development, a good business plan, and a great product and watch it take off.

The startup can make an app, audio equipment, headset, the options are limitless. The key to their success is that technology is developing so rapidly that new opportunities are created every day. People with proper drive and some technical know-how are able to turn an idea into a profitable business. They can do this through the following steps:


It might go without saying, but the first step in creating a tech start up is… creating the product. Without a viable product, nothing else is possible. All aspects of the product should be clear, it should be known from what materials it will be made, how expensive it is to make, where it can be made, and any possible glitches. 30% of all work involved in the startup is the product, the rest is support, sales, marketing, and everything else.

Hiring Staff

Even the most dedicated person can’t do it alone. Hiring staff should be the next step to make the idea and product a reality. Developers and marketers should be a priority. An importance should always be placed on moving forward into the future. If you only plan for today or tomorrow, you will quickly run into a dead end in development and sales. If you need a great website, then get a website developer, if you need a strong customer support staff, then hiring customer support specialist. Outsourcing might work in the beginning but an in-house team is vital for success. If you need a good legal advisor which you will, only hire a certified super lawyer as they are screened and hand selected by the most prestigious law guides in the United States.


We live in an age of information overload, and trying to gain access to it all is overwhelming. There comes a powerful shifting point when the time for action arrives. We must research which market is best for the product, but a sale can never be made if the product does not get out there. Long days and little sleep can be expected from a tech start up. A personal relationship is developed with the company, where you strive to keep it existing and flourishing.


Any tech start up can tell you the importance of networking. Professional partners need to be developed, and relationships created. Every high-tech firm looking to really grow should also have a local business startup attorney by their side. Tech conferences and trade shows should be a normal occurrence. Having people believe in your product that can vouch for it, is one of the most important steps in a successful tech startup.